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Leading companies enable their sales force with Bridge Metrics

"I am consistently impressed by the team at Bridge Metrics"

Christelle Richelle-Noël, Lumension Security

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Why effective content marketing matters now more than ever

The sales cycle has changed forever. Unprecedented access to information and social media tools allow today’s buyer to complete much of the process independently. In support of this change, it’s estimated that over $165 billion will be spent on content creation this year. And while this aids buyers, sales reps are simply overwhelmed – unsure how to engage and wasting far too much time searching for the proverbial needle in the content haystack.

How do you increase sales efficiency in the new buying model?
Content marketing, done correctly, can empower your sales force to confidently engage today’s sophisticated buyer, both directly and through social selling, by getting them the right content for the right situation, automatically, and in a way that makes it easy for them to consume and share.

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The Truth About Sales Enablement
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“The platform and service that Bridge Metrics provides is second to none.”

Chad Puro, Experian

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Get organized

Upload your content into a flexible cloud-based library, intelligently tag it based upon key identifiers and place it in easy to consume Collections.

Get aligned with sales

Automatically deliver up to date content in a way that is easily leveraged with buyers, and allow sales to tailor this message to their customers and prospects.

Know what works

Track the use of your content at the sales and end-user level to make sure you are delivering the right mix of content to maximize sales effectiveness.

Stay informed

Easily access the latest content from Marketing and from trusted sources across the web. With a click, you’ll always have something interesting to share with your social networks, customers and prospects.

Stand apart from the crowd

Share personalized, relevant content with your buyers in an attractive format and know the exact moment to engage based upon real-time usage notifications.

Close more deals

Add real value to buyers and accelerate their sales process instead of wasting time searching for content or drafting emails so you can send file attachments.

Accelerate the sales cycle by enabling your entire organization
with the right content at the right time for the right people.

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“The platform and service that Bridge Metrics provides is second to none.”

Chad Puro, Experian

“I am consistently impressed by the team at Bridge Metrics. They have a deep understanding of the channel and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help us succeed.”

Christelle Richelle-Noël, Lumension Security
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"Everyone has been fabulously responsive and flexible and achieved the goal as promised."

Bridget Hildebrand, Solera Networks

"Bridge Metrics exceeded my expectations and has increased my Sales Pipeline!"

Cami Parks, Eastern Data

“With Bridge Metrics, we have seen a dramatic difference and unbeatable advantages in our business.”

Dennis Crupi, Ingram Micro

“The Bridge Metrics team has helped me with net-new opportunities for my business.”

Jennifer Martin, Amnet

"Bridge Metrics does all the task-oriented steps required for my Marketing & Lead Generating needs."

Larry Phelps, Solbrekk, Inc.
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"I really loved the personal attention paid to me and want to use them for ALL my vendor partners!"

Kim Rueb, Now Micro

"Bridge Metrics provided exactly what they promised and I would encourage others to use them as well."

Mindy Hutchinson, Future Computing Solutions

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