Our Story

The Bridge Metrics story began with a passion for leveraging technology for business and a commitment to empowering people to do more. With experience as manufacturers, resellers, integrators, and consultants, we have one common goal, to create successful technology solutions that drive more revenue for our customers. Our leadership team initially saw an opportunity in the indirect business model. As Bridge Metrics has matured, our vision has expanded to companies with a direct sales focus. Like we say in Texas, "The proof isn't in the saying, it's in the doing." Bridge Metrics is currently used by more than 139 of the world's leading brands, 35,000 resellers, and over 110,000 sales professionals globally.

Our core values

Striving to live our lives according to these core values not only strengthens our company,
it allows us to provide our clients with the best possible experience.


We lead ourselves, others, and the markets we serve through continual education and innovation.


We do the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.


We believe that authentic relationships are the fuel for life and our business and will determine our ultimate success in both.


We believe in a fun, motivating, positive, and enthusiastic workplace because life's too short to work somewhere you don't enjoy.

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