HDS Sees Massive Big Data Opportunities for the Channel


They say luck is the residue of good design, which in the context of the channel means making sure you’re sales people are staying close to customers that are likely to kick off major IT projects in 2013. Arguably, there’s nothing more major when it comes to IT than Big Data.

There are, of course, lots of different types of Big Data and there is no correlation between the amount of data that a customer may need to manage and its size. Types of Big Data range from collecting massive amounts of little information from social networks or machine-to-machine applications to huge files often associated with medical or engineering applications.

The important things from a solution provider’s perspective, says Asim Zaheer, senior vice president for worldwide marketing at Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), is to partner with a vendor that’s going to help its partners get close to those kinds of projects. As a unit of a much larger Hitachi conglomerate, Zaheer says HDS is getting invited to bid on a larger number of Big Data projects, especially in the area of machine-to-machine applications.

Machine-to-machine applications are going to be the foundation for the so-called “Internet of Things” that will ultimately interconnect billions of embedded systems across the Internet to economic growth that is being valued at multiple trillions of dollars. In fact, another subsidiary of Hitachi is playing a leading role in helping to develop interoperability standards for the “Internet of Things.”

As organizations look to have more confidence in the decisions they make by leveraging frameworks such as Hadoop to affordably store more data, the attributes of the storage systems they need to manage petabytes of data is changing. Essentially, they need storage systems capable of processing and storing massive amounts of data. To address that need HDS has redesigned its entire line of storage systems while simultaneously expanding its offerings downstream to address the needs of small-to-medium enterprises. HDS also now offers a full line of integrated servers to make it easier for partners to deliver a complete solution via a single vendor.

While it’s still relatively early in terms of the number of Big Data projects that are active, it’s pretty clear that starting in 2013 Big Data will represent a massive new opportunity for the channel. Like most things in business 80 percent of being successful is about showing up at the right place at the right time. When it comes to Big Data Zaheer says HDS is more than willing to provide the technology, training, financial services and, just as importantly, introductions to help make that happen.

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