Making Security Simpler for the Channel to Manage via the Cloud

As a practical matter, the management of IT and security must always be closely coupled, especially in small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

Unfortunately for solution providers tasked with managing those activities on behalf of their SMB customers, this process has never been as simple as it should be. But with the recent launch of CloudCare the folks at AVG Technologies are out to finally change that.

According to Luke Walling, vice president of sales and operations for small to medium business at AVG Technologies, CloudCare is a unique cloud service in that it gives solution providers free access to an administrative console that they can use to not only manage AVG anti-virus and content filtering software, but also access AVG Remote IT, a set of tools that allows solution providers to remote access and troubleshoot a customer’s device anywhere in the world.

There’s usually a tight correlation between systems management and the practicing of good security hygiene. For the most part, however, solution providers have been forced to provide those functions using separate consoles provided by different vendors or rely on integrated managed service platforms that are often beyond the price range of a small solution provider. Walling says AVG Technologies' goal is to win the loyalty of channel partners by making it easier for them to make money by providing IT services around its products and technologies.

Walling says that as part of an overall effort to make delivering security and IT management services as frictionless as possible. AVG Technologies put a lot of effort into making the CloudCare console as simple to use as possible, which means that channel partners will not have to invest in a lot of training to bring administrators up to speed on the console. In addition, AVG Technologies' CloudCare only charges for security services that are actually used by customers: individual services can be activated and deactivated as needed. In contrast to CloudCare, Walling says rival platforms require solution providers and customers to pay an upfront fee based on the number of estimated users of the service.

As a partner of Ingram Micro, AVG Technologies has emerged as an award-winning vendor in the channel. Walling says that AVG Technologies has been looking to expand its popularity amongst consumers into business organizations looking for higher levels of support. The AVG Technologies' model now allows solution providers to manage security software deployed locally on a customer machine in a way that can now be augmented by delivering additional security services via the cloud.

The real challenge, says Walling, is making that happen in a way that requires the least amount of effort on the part of the solution provider in order to succeed.

Bridge Metrics strives to do more for less for their clients, with companies such as AVG Technologies and their corresponding platforms (CloudCare), aiding in their effort to streamline channel processes to help save time and money.

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