Kaspersky Pledges to Defend Channel Partners and Their Customers


Solution providers selling anti-virus (AV) software are taking it on the chin these days. Not only are there more sophisticated attacks than ever, the quality of the free AV software is getting better with each passing day.

The challenge then becomes finding customers that realize that AV software is critically important enough to pay for while trying to figure out what AV vendor provides the best protection. At the Kaspersky Lab C3 Americas Partner Summit in Cancun this week the company’s partners will be anxious to hear what Chris Doggett, newly promoted senior vice president for North American sales for Kaspersky Lab, has to say about both these issues.

According to Doggett, the best thing resellers of AV software can do these days is focus on the customers that intellectual assets that if lost or compromised would materially damage the business. It’s those customers, maintains Doggett, which appreciate the importance of an AV vendor this is not only investing in AV technology, but also has the skills and resources needed to identify new threats.

To drive that point home Kaspersky Lab recently released Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, which the company says makes comprehensively managing security for smartphones, tablets and PCs a whole lot simpler to manage.

Doggett says there is no better example of what Kaspersky can do in the way of security intelligence than the effort the company put into Operation Red October, for which its researchers are being credited with identifying a e cyber-espionage campaign targeting diplomatic, governmental and scientific research organizations for at least the five past years.

It’s that kind of investment in security research that Doggett says ultimately distinguishes Kaspersky from providers of AV software that may be able to identify a type of malware, but not the full extent to which that particular piece of malware is being used to compromise business systems.

Just as importantly, adds Doggett, who prior to running sales was vice president of sales of the channel for Kaspersky Lab, says the company has been and will continue to be 100 percent channel focused, in contrast to rival AV vendors that are increasingly delivering AV directly as a managed service via the cloud. There’s nothing wrong with delivering AV software via the cloud, it’s just that it can be done just as effectively through a channel partner. So despite claims to the contrary, cloud computing is no excuse for dis-intermediating channel partners.

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