ProfitBricks Bets on Infiniband to Give Channel a Cloud Edge


There are generally two things that solution providers find particularly frustrating about cloud computing. The first is the lack of margins in a class of services that have already become a commodity. The second is being able to differentiate any cloud service they may offer from services provided by Amazon, Google, Microsoft or any other large-scale cloud computing service provider.

Seeking to take both those challenges head on ProfitBricks, an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider that uniquely combines cloud computing and managed hosting services, today announced a qualified referral program through which partners can earn as much as 25 percent of the net revenue on a sales lead that signs up by March 31. For customers who sign between April 1 and June 30, the referral bonus is 20 percent of net revenue. In all cases, compensation will continue for the length of the customer contract up to three years.

ProfitBricks USA CEO Bob Rizika says the referral program is a first step towards establishing a formal channel program as part of an effort to develop a channel that will help ProfitBricks promote a cloud service that Rizika says leverages an 80 Gigabit-per-second Infiniband storage network to provide I/O capabilities that are 300 percent faster than rival cloud services.

In addition, Rizika says each customer gets access to 256TB of storage, 196 Gigabytes of RAM and most importantly access to 48 dedicated cores of computing. In contrast, Rizika says rival cloud services require customers to share multicore systems, which results in all kinds of performance issues emanating from noisy virtual machine neighbors that wind up hogging shared system resources. By effectively giving customers access to dedicated set of cores, ProfitBricks is providing a managed host capability that will soon be expanded to 64 cores within a cloud computing service that customers can easily manage using a visual set of tools developed by ProfitBricks.

Founded by a team of executives that cut their teeth in the hosting space, ProfitBricks has essentially built a virtual data center that makes it easier for customers to dynamically scale applications. A huge part of that capability, says Rizika, stems from the decision to deploy an Infiniband backbone at a time when most rival cloud computing vendors were betting on standard Ethernet.

Because of the huge amount of I/O bandwidth afforded by Infiniband, ProfitBricks is essentially trying to provide a next generation cloud computing experience that should appeal especially to customers that have already gained first-hand experience with the limitations of services such as Amazon. The good news is because of the technology investments made by ProfitBrick, Rizika says resellers are going to be able to provide that experience at a profitable price point that competes favorably against anything Amazon or anyone else in the cloud can offer.

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