Best Practices: Next Generation Partner Enablement

Let's face it... your sales representatives and channel partners are tired of digging through multiple web sites, portals and file folders looking for the right marketing assets to support their sales initiative. Now, your fully co-branded and personalized marketing materials can be available in their inbox — ready to go, on the fly. Additionally, your sales team and channel partners need an easy way to not only share your marketing materials, but also track if and when they are viewed. You can't miss this 30-minute online introduction to Channel Avenue TOOLKITs.

During this broadcast, we review simple to set-up and simple-to-use programs that provide you with the power to:

  • Bundle your marketing assets, including collateral, videos, white papers, templates and more into easy-to-use, easy-to-access and easy-to-share TOOLKITs
  • Empower your sales teams and partners to easily share your materials, personalized and co-branded
  • Enable your teams to track when material is being viewed to facilitate follow up

And your sales representatives and channel partners can do this all from the convenience of your inbox — no logins required!

View this webinar-ond-demand here.

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