Email Remains a Shining Star for Sales Enablement

Supernova communication platforms AOL, Prodigy, and MySpace all succumbed to the internet laws of gravity. They rose to ubiquity, exploded, and collapsed into obscurity.  Any day now, the same fate awaits email, right?

Wrong. Email is no shooting star. Consider:

1.     There are now more than 3.2 billion email accounts. (Radicati)

2.     838 billion marketing messages were sent, just in 2013. (Forrester)

3.     Email marketing has an ROI of 4,300% (Direct Marketing Association)

It’s easy to lose sight of just how important email remains. As new forms of marketing including social media, content marketing, mobile marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing, and dynamic online display advertising have all consumed growing shares of advertising budgets, something old is bound to get pushed out.

But email isn’t going anywhere.

Businesses say email marketing provides a better return on investment than all of these newer forms of marketing. 56% of them plan to increase their use of email marketing in 2014. Email provides deep integration with other business functions and it’s tightly integrated with the newer forms of marketing. From content marketing data collection (especially email addresses) to “push” messages from Facebook and mobile Gmail, email’s star is adapting to the changing online universe and getting brighter. Consider these stats from the Salesforce blog:

1.     95% of online consumers use email.

2.     91% of consumers reported checking their email at least once a day.

3.     Email audience is forecast to grow from 2.42 billion this year to 2.76 billion by 2017.

4.     48% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

5.     64% of decision-makers read their email via mobile devices.

6.     25% of emails are opened on iPhones.

One mandate for email’s continued success is continuous adaptation to the evolution of mobile technology. There are others too. According to the Express Pigeon Blog, companies that use an email service provider are more likely to be satisfied with their email marketing than companies that do not, and less than half are using more than half of their email system functionality. This hasn’t improved since last year. Email service providers offer tools including measurement and analytics, personalization, automated campaigns, and segmentation – tools that are offered in more sophisticated versions as part of sales enablement solutions. These tools drive email ROI, and it’s clear their use is highly correlated to email marketing ROI. Two thirds of marketers rate their company email as poor or average and less than 4% rate it as “excellent.”

As a leading provider of sales enablement solutions, we help our clients realize the enormous and growing potential of email marketing. To be a successful email marketer today requires expertise in its expanding functionality and its integration with newer forms of online marketing. Let us empower you to reach the astronomical return on your sales enablement investment that is possible with email.

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