3 Ways to Know if You Should Stay In a Channel Partnership

You’ve got more channel partners than you can effectively manage, and several are hanging precariously in the balance. Ask yourself these questions to determine which relationships are worth keeping:

Is your partner collaborative, passive, independent, or rogue?

Consider whether this parnter demonstrates a complete understanding of your products and services. Are they proactive in requesting conferences and materials to keep up with your pace of innovation? Are they effective in developing business strategies for your solutions as they evolve, or do you spend more time than you do in other partnerships providing guidance? And how well do they employ your strategic guidance? Or do they go against your wishes, diluting or damaging your brand?

How aligned is your partner with your selling methodology?

Meet with your partners representatives to offer your expertise. In your meetings, assess how proficient each rep is in communicating your value and representing your brand. Are they aligned with your sales methods, your business priorities, and are they following your guidelines? Sales managers may convey a more rosy picture than you’ll find when you meet with their teams.

How competent and capable is your partner’s organization?

Your most successful partners have the competencies and capabilities that can sustain and grow your relationship over time. They should show profitability in most of their marketing activities and sales engagement, and they should be transparent with results. They should also be transparent with their on-boarding and training processes, and involve your organization as you see fit. Training should lead to expertise in the industry, markets, and in your competitive differentiation. Most important, the organization should have scalable resources to deal with fluctuations in your product lifecycles.

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Alan Margulis

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Alan Margulis is a frequent contributor, specializing in sales enablement, channel marketing, and software.

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