Sales Enablement is Sales Operations Enablement

In any large sales organization, sales operations is the framework supporting the sales organization, the sales playbook, the sales reps, and all of the tools they use. Sales operations provides leadership in measuring, predicting, and setting expectations for sales performance. In many top performing organizations, sales operations takes a key leadership role in the development and implementation of the sales playbook.

Whether sales operations develops a general blueprint for how to sell, or a more complete sales playbook, this function is the foundation for a complex sales organization. How then, does sales enablement enable sales operations?


It’s All in the Execution

90% of business plans fail – not because of a poorly-conceived business plan, but poor execution. Sales enablement provides the tools for the execution of the sales playbook or sales operations blueprint. Sales enablement ensures that new hires are on-boarded efficiently, with the right training and content. It connects less experienced reps with coaching, online or in person, to enable their rapid development.

Sales enablement platforms provide continuous professional development resources for experienced sales representatives. It is the conduit for training resources and a barometer to measure their effectiveness. It is the “equipment manager”, disbursing content to the right sales representatives, at the right times throughout the sales cycle.

Sales enablement empowers front line sales managers to coach, train, deploy campaigns, and monitor activities. For front line managers and their superiors, sales enablement provides the tools to measure performance against the playbook, reporting back to the entire organization just how successful the execution has been. And it’s indispensable for making more reliable sales projections.


Connect the Sales Process to the Buyer’s Journey

Sales operations has an internal focus, while sales enablement is ultimately focused on creating the best possible customer experience – an external focus. Sales enablement is charged with building on the foundation created by sales operations. This requires a sort of language translation to connect the internal sales process to the external buyer’s journey that will be transparent to the entire organization. This isn’t simply a matter of connecting the dots, but of re-engineering the sales process to align with buyer needs and behaviors, so that all marketing and sales communications are completely aligned with the needs of the buyer at every stage in the sales process.

Sales enablement must be fully understood in your organization as the function that is accountable to achieving the objectives of sales operations. It provides the process and tools to make execution of your most ambitious sales operations blueprints or sales playbooks possible. Full value can be achieved only when both functions collaborate from the outset. 

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Bill Carroll


As the President of Bridge Metrics, Bill supplies the vision of Bridge Metrics. He is a mentor and thought-leader to the Bridge Metrics team and many of our clients. An experienced entrepreneur, Bill is passionate about developing powerful web-based solutions.

He graduated from Texas A&M University

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