Marketing Managers, Generate the Right Leads for Sales

What constitutes a qualified lead in your organization? More importantly, what is your process for determining what leads will be generated?

Too often, the process isn’t consultative and collaborative. Sales dictates and marketing takes notes, failing to provide its own lead generation expertise. This usually results in a request for “cream of the crop” BANT leads (which may be too expensive or too scarce) or demographic-specific leads, which may also leave prime opportunities unexplored. The good news is, these are far from the only two options available.

With leadership and collaboration, no lead gets undefined, nor left behind. We suggest marketing leads a discussion that encompasses target organizations, buyer personas, lead scoring, and a host of factors that influence your organization’s definition of a qualified lead. This meeting will not only determine the right leads, but will inform whether outbound prospecting, third party prospecting, or marketing automation software like Eloqua, Marketo, or HubSpot, are the right options for lead qualification.

These are the questions we suggest asking your sales leaders:

  1. What is our target audience by organization type?
  • Industry
  • Revenue
  • Location
  1. What are our buyer personas?
  • Who are they, according to job title?
  • What are they trying to accomplish?
  • What drives their buying behaviors?
  • How do they think?
  • How do they buy?
  • Who are the end users and influencers involved?
  1. What are the factors in our lead scoring system?
  • Customer challenge matches our solution
  • Level of buying authority
  • Level of buying readiness
  • Previous interest displayed
  1. What other variables impact the definition of a qualified lead?
  • Time and cost
  • Lead sources
  • Number of leads required
  • How lead quality is scored
  • Type of demand being created
  • Sales cycle time
  • Deal complexity
  • Average size of deal
  • Quotas of the sales reps

When marketing leaders make lead generation a top priority, sales leaders get the quality and quantity of leads they need to maintain a productive sales funnel and drive revenue. Bridge Metrics sales executives are your partners in every aspect of sales enablement, including lead generation.  Learn more by contacting us at 877.801.7158.

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As the President of Bridge Metrics, Bill supplies the vision of Bridge Metrics. He is a mentor and thought-leader to the Bridge Metrics team and many of our clients. An experienced entrepreneur, Bill is passionate about developing powerful web-based solutions.

He graduated from Texas A&M University

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