What Today’s Buyer Demands that Yesterday’s Buyer Didn’t: Engagement

To gain a marketing edge on your competition, content marketing software empowers your representatives to send the right content in support of every step in the sales cycle. By “right,” we usually mean content that is relevant and persuasive. It’s right if it demonstrates an understanding of the customer’s needs, anticipates questions and concerns, and addresses them. On a macro level, the content mix is also “right” if it employs a variety of mediums, from static articles to lively videos and interactive webinars.

Checking off these elements ensures you're creating the “right” content, right? Not just yet…

Today’s buyer has been conditioned by interactive advertising and social media to expect more than a monolithic sales message from a company that wants to sell products and services. They expect an invitation to engage, learn about potential solutions, and explore possibilities. That's why today’s most successful sales organizations don’t use content to generate attention; they use content to generate engagement.

Social media has changed the paradigm. Content now must do what successful people in your organization do—engage people—and the content you employ has to work just as hard. To get buyers engaged, take some lessons from what works in social settings where engagement is the desired outcome:

Dialogue. Invitations to converse don’t begin with long-winded soliloquys. They begin with a short, interesting communication that compels a response.

Listen. Your content should reflect your attentiveness to what is being communicated to you.

Care. You entered your line of business because you empathize with the plight of people who need your solutions. When you engage buyers with content, make it clear that you care about their problems.

Connect. Sure, your products and services are a part of the solution. But they’re not the whole solution. Your buyer wants a partner who understands. Think like an objective third party (or a channel partner with holistic solutions) and build good will with content that incorporates your offerings into larger, more plausible solutions than pre-packaged products and services. Your buyer connects with honest, genuine communications.

Learn more about this subject by reading our recent post, “It’s Not Your Content. It’s Their Context.” Then engage with us by calling a Bridge Metrics executive at 877.801.7158.

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