Grant Wynn

Chief Executive Officer

Grant grew up in Dallas Texas graduating with honors from the University of Texas at Dallas with a BS in Economics and Finance. While studying International Business in the MBA program at UTD he was recruited by a large US based International textile importer and manufacturer, Wintex Inc. Rising quickly through the ranks, Grant became the youngest Exec VP of Sales after only 18 months with over $65M in Gross Revenue under his responsibility. Wintex supplied textiles to major retailers including Walmart, Sam’s Wholesale Club, Costco and others and Grant would eventually establish and maintain many of the key executive relationships with these companies. It was through these relationships that he would successfully unlock additional sales, manufacturing, financing and investment opportunities for Wintex. After three years with Wintex, he was recruited by Ichauway Mills, LLC to become one of their Managing Partners and Board Members where he further expanded his responsibilities and expertise. Contracting directly with manufacturing facilities in China (600+ workers), Mexico (400+ workers), Dominican Republic (250+ workers) and Honduras, he oversaw the proprietary manufacturing for well over 100+ containers/month for Ichauway Mill’s customers that included Walmart, Sam’s, Costco and others. Technology and the stock market was a booming at the time and Grant would eventually part with Ichauway to pursue what would quickly become his true passion, software.

His first venture, the funding and development of a day-trading software platform that would eventually be acquired by 1-800-day-trade (and later by Scottrade), would be the start he needed. Over the next two years Grant could be found racing his Ferrari Challenge Series car while developing the mentoring and executive relationships with those in technology that shared his passions. Then, in 2000, he and two friends founded a dot com Technology company called Cool Partners, LLC, an ISP, Webhosting and Streaming Media company. Grant, as co-founder and CEO, would successfully spearhead the growth and direction, creating a Who’s Who board of directors and raising over $30M in investment capital. Cool Partners would eventually spin off their ISP to Earthlink, selling their webhosting business to a publicly held Canadian company. The Streaming Media division was eventually operated by the largest shareholder, Pegasus VC that had acquired all the stock of Cool Partners. A couple of years later, Grant co-founded another company, Software Medium and under his leadership as President and CEO, grew the business into a $50M IT Security Channel Partner Reseller carrying line card vendors such as Cisco, Microsoft, CA, McAfee and HP. Software Medium would be successfully sold to a Private Equity Group in 2006 after developing several proprietary technology innovations that included "Remote Virtual Software Install", Sales Central Automated Sales Quote Generator and an automated software Financing Lease Program. Building on the success of Software Medium, Grant founded Bridge Metrics in 2009 and set out to solve what had become immediately obvious to him while at Software Media; the complete absence of integrated sales and marketing support by the major manufactures on his company’s line card. Grant’s vision led him to Richard Friesberg whom he knew had been working on technology that could be directly applicable to the problems that Bridge Metrics wanted to solve. Richard joined Bridge Metrics as a co-founder and with his comprehensive understanding of the Reseller Channel distribution model, Bridge Metrics was off to the races. The company's platform was first to address these unmet needs of IT Channel resellers and today, almost 10 years later, Bridge Metrics continues to disrupt the Channel with a novel multitenant system that empowers Channel resellers with the digital marketing content they need in a single account, across multiple vendors and from multiple sources.

Lewis Kimbell

Director of Operations

Lewis grew up in north Texas where he graduated from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas. Eventually, a tri-fold mailer with pictures of palm trees would lure him to graduate school on the east coast, where he would obtain his Doctorate in Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology from the University of Miami in 2006. While researching at the Miller School of Medicine, he received several awards including a provisional patent for a software application that would foreshadow his love of software and solving complex problems with automation. Ultimately, his post-doctoral search found him seizing such an opportunity at a young software company called Bridge Metrics back in Texas. At first hesitant to leave the world of science, Lewis was eventually overcome with the challenge, Bridge’s vision, and the realization that social media and digital marketing was in its infancy. At the time, Bridge Metrics was doing novel things with content marketing in the Internet Technology Channel, granting hardware and software manufactures visibility into their partner’s marketing activities. Fascinated, Lewis learned every aspect of the business and rose quickly to the level of Director in 2013 while overseeing teams of account and project managers supporting the company’s enterprise platform. It was while driving large multisolution marketing campaigns in the Channel that Bridge Metrics developed the first truly multitenant agency platform for the indirect sales channel. Today, as Director of Operations at Gorilla in Plano, TX, Lewis still shares such a vision of a unified, agency platform and continues to enjoy solving and simplifying complex operational processes.

Richard Freisberg

Vice President of Technology

Richard spent the majority of his young years in a small town in southeast Kansas. He played college baseball for two years at Independence Community College and received an athletic and academic scholarship. He continued his academic career when he moved to Manhattan “The Little Apple” Kansas where he attended Kansas State University majoring in Chemical Engineering. After he left college he started down a different path of working in the retail industry for an inventory company. He was quickly promoted through the ranks and became a District Manager within a matter of several years. Richard was one of the youngest district managers in the company at the time. After working in the retail industry for a while, he set his sights for a warmer climate and better opportunities. It brought him back to his original passion in technology. He moved to Dallas in 2005 where he started working for a company became the lead developer and product manager. Richard would start his own business a few years later and through several opportunities he would help start Bridge Metrics. As a co-founder of Bridge Metrics, Richard, began as the Director of Development and would move to the Vice President of Technology. He has always been very passionate about Bridge Metrics and the ability to support enterprise companies. His attitude and hard work ethic help build the company to support multi-national corporations and service some of the largest companies in the USA.

Richard also comes from a programming background. He has been a full-stack developer for 15+ years. He is proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Node, Python, Perl, MySQL, SQL, Linux and others. Richard has worked in many different development environments that include Agile Scrum, Waterfall, and a mix of both. His experience has helped him manage and develop with teams inhouse and remote.

Marcus Jones

Creative Director

Figuring out the question of “what professional career do you want” came a bit easy for Marcus. Born in the city of Oklahoma but raised in the heart of Texas, Marcus had a natural talent and passion for creative arts. Marcus started his professional career freelancing for high-profile celebrities, athletes, and musicians by promoting their brands with creative and effective marketing design. With the increased success in 2006 he would earn his first full-time graphic design position working with a team to empower individuals to run their own startup business. In 2007, Marcus parted ways and enjoyed a year of self employment working freelance projects and contracts with a variety businesses in different industries. He worked closely with the founder of non-profit organization, Girls Embracing Mothers, to establish the brand, website and marketing materials needed to empower girls with mothers whom were incarcerated. He aided in the website construction of Big D NYE, the then biggest New Year’s celebration in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area. His expertise was also sought after by Realtors, attorneys, and creative agencies. He would later take a position as an in-house web designer for a debt conslidation company. He used this time to work closely with his Creative Director advancing his knowledge of branding, best practices, sales and go-to-market concepts. About a year later he would leave to join his former colleagues in building the startup Bridge Metrics. Marcus immediately helped design the brand and took the helm as Creative Director. As Creative Director, Marcus uses his passion and years of experience in the field to lead the creative and strategic components of the company brand. In addition, Marcus also plans and executes all product UI/UX design, customer brand, and marketing initiatives. Over the years Marcus has worked with dozens of companies, countless brands, and contributed in design, development, and marketing efforts. His passion and tenacity has made him a staple with not only Bridge Metrics but all of its constituents.

Marcus has become a very established dual-threat, full-stack designer and developer over his 12+ year career. He is proficient in programming languages including HTML5, CSS/SaaS/LESS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL. He is highly skilled in developing themes and writing custom Drupal CMS modules. His design background is touted with proficiencies in Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Michael Kerber


As Bridge Metrics' Controller, Michael oversees the day to day financial operations and works with the Executive Team on long-term financial and tax strategy.  Michael has almost 30 years of experience with a variety of financial and tax transactions and situations.  Having spent many years in his own firm and several years with a midsize, regional firm, Michael provides Bridge Metrics with his experienced vision on dealing with the complexities of enterprise level business.

Michael received a B.S. Degree from Texas A&M and earned his MPA from the University of Texas at Austin.

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